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Helping school trusts to deliver their vision


The Path to Success

It's obvious that a clear vision, mission and strategy, supported by common values, is essential.  But that is easier said than done.  From discussions of autonomy versus standardisation to how to manage sustainable growth, there are many difficult decisions to make.  Our Director, Chris Kirk, has conducted research into the top performing multi-academy trusts for Ambition School Leadership, and delivers the strategy curriculum for ASL's Executive Educators.  As a former CEO in on of the world's largest school groups, Chris has also had to 'walk the walk'.  We have worked directly with dozens of UK school trusts and can support you in creating a successful strategy.  

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From strategy to execution

An operating model is a single overview of what your school trust does, and how it does it.  The different elements, such as your approach to school improvement, are pieces of the jigsaw, and the operating model gives you the picture on the front of the box.  In this way, it makes the vital link between your vision, mission and strategy, and the details of individual roles, policies and activities.  It also provides a connection from support services (such as HR or finance) to core educational services.  By getting your operating model right, you make sure you spend your time and money on what really matters, aiming always towards better impact in the classroom.  CJK Associates has supported many trusts to refine their operating models, using surveys, benchmarking, workshops and facilitation. Register your interest in our upcoming MAT Operating Model development events.


Leadership from the top

Our governance review assesses trustee effectiveness, Board vision, Articles, Executive Performance Management, Financial Management, Delegation and Growth.  We provide a report showing how you benchmark against best practice, alongside recommendations for improvement.  Our finance reviews assess your approach to accounting, payroll, HR, central finance services, audit and year end planning, as well as providing a benchmarked report of your central and local spend. 
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