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8. The shared services frustration equation: what to look out for when centralising services

The final part of CJK Associates Autumn 2022 blog series #schooltrustcentralservices

In blog 4 we looked at trust growth and inflexion points. Here’s the same model, with a new axis, the ‘frustration level’.

The Shared Service Frustration Equation

As the trust grows, the trust’s central team and board (the green line above) is increasingly frustrated because it’s hard to get data, run the trust, be accountable, or make changes happen. Then shared services are put in place, and, perhaps after some teething problems, the green line showing frustration levels in the trust’s centre falls away. But for headteachers, it’s the opposite. They are finding that services that they used to control are not delivering what they need.

So what went wrong?

Headteachers at this point will typically observe the following about the shared service: